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بسم الله الرحمن الرحیم

HadiTV is a netowk of channels which is a common platform for Muslims all around the world. Its goal is to spread the message of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and his blessed Ahlul Bayt to all the people. In 2004, HadiTV was launched with transmissions in both English and Urdu. In a short while, the channel was watched in many households and since then it has added a network of six extra channels on Satellite Frequencies which hosts 14 languages of the world. The  word "Hadi" comes from the Arabic language which means someone who guides people to the right path. This name is attributed to the Holy Prophet (pbuh) himself and the Ahlul Bayt for they were the guides for mankind. HadiTv is constantly working on delivering non-stop 24 hour transmission to its all of its viewers. We truly believe that the way of AhlulBayt (pbut) is the path of ultimate salvation and guidance.

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  • Salam, I am very great full to entire team for their dedicated work towards islam
    Dr mehdi hassan
  • JazakAllah
  • Nice job HADI TV1
    sabira esmail
  • MashAllah Hadi Is the Best Islamic Channel & Best Working Of Islamic Massage
    Shanehaider Naqvi


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