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بسم الله الرحمن الرحیم

Founded in 2004, HadiTV network of channels is a common platform for Muslims around the globe. We aim to distribute the priceless treasures of knowledge brought to mankind by the Holy Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and his pure and immaculate progeny.
The channel began only with transmissions in English and Urdu. Before long, it had found a large audience and now telecasts six channels on various satellite frequencies hosting 14 languages. HadiTV is dedicated to delivering a 24/7 transmission to serve its noble cause.



The word "Hadi" comes from the Arabic language, meaning "a guide to the right path". This name is attributed to the Holy Prophet (pbuh) and his pure and immaculate progeny (AhlulBayt) as surely they were guides for mankind.

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  • Salam, I am very grateful to entire team for their dedicated work towards Islam
    Dr mehdi hassan
  • JazakAllah
  • Nice job HADI TV1
    sabira esmail
  • MashAllah Hadi is the best Islamic channel & best at working for an Islamic message.
    Shanehaider Naqvi
  • It is great pleasure for all believers that Hadi TV propagates real teachings of Islam all over the world in various languages. May Allah s.w.t. protect all of you.
    Sayed Zulfikar Ali
  • Hadi TV is a great channel.


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