Razia Batool Najafi
Agha Hamzah Sheikhtabar
Sheikh Morteza Agha Mohammadi
Sayed Moustafa Al-Qazwini
Syed Ali Raza Rizvi
Sayed Fadhil Al-Milani
Chris Mortimer
Sheikh Hojatollah Davoodi
Dr. Seyed Ali Hosseini
Abdul Rahim
Miss Zaynab
Mohsin Abbas Sayed
Dr. Merghati
Ms. Kheradmand
Dr. Al Hussaini
Sheikh Dr. Zaid Alsalami
Syed Ali Hosseini Daulatabadi
Mohammad Reza Hozourbakhsh
  • Episode Four: How do we deal with people being different in their ideologies?
  • Sheikh Dr. Zaid Alsalami
  • A series that focuses on the contemporary theological issues and questions Muslims may come across, specially the youth. Sheikh Dr. Zaid Alsalami aims to aid Muslims rediscover their beliefs and encourages them to question what they have been told and taught in order from them to get to a stage "Beyond Belief", where certainty remains static and confusion holds no place. Please send us your feedback, suggestions and questions via email on
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